Mayo County Council is taking Expressions of Interest for the 2024 Community Recognition Fund. You can apply online from 1st June to 3pm on 11th July, 2024.

With €50 million from the Department of Rural and Community Development, this fund supports town and village projects, especially those helping new arrivals from places like Ukraine.

This year, Co. Mayo gets €2,428,540 for projects helping communities in the long run. Projects should aim for lasting benefits, with half of the money to be spent by 2025.

Depending on the project, you could get between €50,000 and €500,000. It’s a great opportunity to get financial support for your community project.

Overview of the Community Recognition Fund 2024

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 is a big government project. It has a budget of €50 million. This money is for making local areas better by investing in them.

The aim is to praise communities that help new people in the UK a lot. It does this by giving money to improve the places they live in.

Community Recognition Fund 2024

So, what is the Community Recognition Fund 2024? It is about making community spaces better for everyone. This fund is not just for building new things but also for creating places that are welcoming.

It focuses on areas that have taken in new people from around the world. Through this fund, the government shows it values the efforts of these communities. This support brings benefits that last for many years.

The fund helps to make community areas nicer and more open. It highlights the good work of local groups. These projects will make a real difference, helping communities all over the UK.

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 is more than just money. It’s about recognising how communities come together. This bond makes the UK a better place for everyone.

Who Can Apply for the Community Recognition Fund 2024?

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 supports projects that foster community integration and improve infrastructure. It’s for both new arrivals and people already living in the area. The aim is to benefit the community in the long run.

grant program eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

For a project to be eligible, it should be in an area that welcomes new arrivals. This includes places with Temporary or International Protection Applicants. Also, places with rapid build homes qualify.

The project must serve a wide community and bring a big change locally. It should make life better for both new and existing residents.

Target Communities

This fund supports projects in places where new arrivals live. It encourages activities and improvements that help everyone feel part of the community. These efforts aim to create a united and welcoming place for all.

Key Dates and Deadlines

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 is a great chance for UK communities to grab some cash. The application portal will open on 1st June 2024. Remember to mark down the application deadlines to make sure your project gets considered on time.

funding opportunities for communities

Knowing the application deadlines is vital for your project’s chance. The cutoff time is set at 3pm on 11th July 2024. Also, there’s an online info session by the Mayo Public Participation Network on 12th June 2024. It will provide lots of help on funding opportunities for communities.

Wexford and South Dublin County Councils have specific dates for applications. They are having info webinars to guide you through the application process. These events are really helpful for anyone aiming to make the most of the Community Recognition Fund 2024.

Funding Allocation for Community Projects

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 sets rules for handing out funds to important local projects. It aims to make big changes across neighbourhoods.

Minimum and Maximum Funding

Projects can get between €50,000 and €500,000. This ensures each idea gets enough backing to achieve its goals. It stops smaller projects from needing to join together to fit the budget.

The fund helps support bold and sustainable projects. These are ones that really help the community.

How Funding is Distributed?

Local authorities are key in giving out the grants. They must use 50% of the money by 2025. This approach encourages local communities to have a say and make sure funds go where they’re needed most.

This system allows a close look at each project. It picks the ones that will have the biggest impact over the long haul.

Types of Projects Funded

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 supports projects that improve local and community facilities. This includes a range of initiatives that aim to make a lasting difference. They are focused on creating value for everyone in the community.

Community and Cultural Facilities

Projects that enrich cultural sites are eligible. This may involve upgrading parks, creating community gardens, and improving recreation areas. These efforts enhance our natural environment and cultural spaces. They also aim to boost social activities and the sharing of different cultures.

Local Club and Sports Facilities

  • Community swimming pools
  • Changing rooms
  • Sports facility grants for equipment
  • Digital aids for sports education

Funds support local sport facilities like swimming pools and sports equipment. They help individuals stay active and enjoy sports. The focus is on improving community health and happiness through these resources.

These funds also aim to upgrade sports and cultural infrastructure for long-term gain. Such projects are key to bringing communities together and helping them grow sustainably.

Application Process

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 is open for applications. It uses a clear process that checks all proposals carefully. This ensures every project has a fair chance at funding.

Submission Guidelines

To start with the Community Recognition Fund 2024, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This lets officials see if your project fits the bill. If your project is between €200,001 – €500,000, more details will be needed.

Be sure to describe your project well. Talk about what it aims to do and the good it will bring to the community. Following the given guidelines is key to a strong application.

Evaluation Process

The fund looks at each proposal deeply. It wants to back the most impactful projects. They consider how well a project meets community needs, its long-term effects, and how possible it is to achieve.

Those applying can find help online. Local authority websites have all the details you need. They make the application process easier to understand. This helps you submit a great application.

Local Examples: Dublin and Wexford Initiatives

South Dublin County Council and Wexford County Council show great use of the Community Recognition Fund. They use grants well to boost local growth and welcome everyone. They prove that Dublin and Wexford can make their areas better thanks to successful community funding.

Dublin Projects

In South Dublin, they put a lot of work into community projects. For instance, they improved community sports facilities, helping residents stay fit and connect. They also upgraded local cultural hubs, keeping the city’s heritage alive and evolving.

Wexford Projects

Wexford County Council has done really well with the Fund. They put the money into smart projects like new parks and public areas. This has offered great green spaces for everyone. They also renovated local clubs to improve community spirit and make everyone feel more at home.

County Allocated Funds Key Projects Impact
South Dublin
Community Sports Facilities, Cultural Hubs Refurbishment Enhanced Social Interaction, Cultural Preservation
Wexford €1,703,377 Public Parks Development, Local Clubs Refurbishment Improved Recreational Spaces, Increased Community Engagement

Benefits of the Community Recognition Fund 2024

The Community Recognition Fund 2024 aims to make local communities better. It focuses on improving places like parks and getting rid of old, unused spaces. These changes help the whole area look and feel nicer.

Impact on Local Communities

The fund brings big changes to community spaces and services. Places that get this help become more inviting for everyone. They get better, like upgrading a local park, which makes people happier and more connected.

Long-term Benefits

This fund helps communities grow in lasting ways. It puts money into projects that will keep on giving back. For example, fixing up a community centre can create jobs and bring people together. These efforts lead to ongoing improvements, which are good for the future of the area.

By using this fund well, communities also see less abandoned spaces. This makes the whole area look better and work better. Plus, it attracts more interest, bringing in more opportunities for growth.

Importance of Community Engagement

Being involved in the Community Recognition Fund 2024 is key. It uses a “bottom-up” method. This makes investments meet the real needs of local areas.

Working together with locals, cities achieve projects. These make big and long-lasting changes. When the people’s views are respected, the outcomes are usually more accepted by everyone.

Getting into projects brings communities closer. It lets people share their thoughts for new ideas. This teamwork makes places better now and in the future. It makes a place strong, united, and ready for anyone new.


How is the funding allocated for community projects?

Projects can get from €50,000 to €500,000 in funding. Most of the money, at least 50%, must be used by 2025. Local authorities pick which projects to support based on what the community really needs.

Can smaller projects combine to meet the minimum funding level?

No, the fund’s rules say projects must be at least €50,000. You can’t put a few smaller projects together to reach this amount.

What is the application process for the Community Recognition Fund 2024?

To apply, first send an Expression of Interest. Then, for projects €200,001 to €500,000, submit a detailed proposal. The application is checked based on how it will help the community and new people settling in.

What are some examples of successful projects funded by the Community Recognition Fund?

South Dublin County Council and Wexford County Council have both improved their areas with this fund. They have made their communities better and stronger.

What long-term benefits does the Community Recognition Fund 2024 provide?

The fund helps by improving communities and fighting places falling apart. It also boosts local culture and economy. These changes bring people together and benefit everyone for the long run.

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