In the Monopoly Classic Irish board game, the green properties are among the most coveted on the board. Each Monopoly edition, including the Irish version, features distinct property names and property colours in Monopoly, reflecting regional landmarks.

The Hasbro facility in Waterford, Ireland, manufactures approximately 17 million Monopoly units annually, including this edition.

The Classic Irish version uniquely showcases Dublin streets, making it imperative to know which property does not belong to the Green Set for strategic play. Delve into the article about which of these properties is not in the green set on the monopoly classic irish.

Introduction to Monopoly Classic Irish

Monopoly Classic Irish is a captivating regional variant of the widely cherished board game Monopoly. This edition specifically caters to those intrigued by Irish culture, offering a fresh perspective by featuring notable locations from Dublin.

Unlike the traditional London or Atlantic City properties, the game spotlights Dublin streets in Monopoly, such as Rathgar Rd., Kimmage, and Westmoreland Street.

Monopoly Classic Irish properties encompass various iconic and culturally rich locales, maintaining the typical game elements like railway stations, utilities, Community Chest, and Chance cards.

The charm of this edition lies in its unique adaptation, which pays homage to Irish heritage while delivering the familiar Monopoly gameplay experience.

For enthusiasts wondering, what are the properties on the monopoly board?, this edition replaces well-known streets from other editions with those from the heart of Dublin.

Understanding what colors are the properties in monopoly? is crucial for gameplay strategy, as different colours represent varying property values and rental rates in this regional version.

From navigating through bustling Dublin streets in Monopoly to acquiring the most sought-after Monopoly Classic Irish properties, this edition is truly a collectible treasure.

It not only serves as a fun family game but also immerses players in the rich cultural landscapes of Dublin, making each game session a memorable journey through Ireland’s capital.

Overview of the Green Set in Monopoly Classic Irish

The Green Set in the Monopoly Classic Irish edition represents some of the most prestigious and valuable properties on the board.

Understanding what are the green properties in Monopoly and recognising their significance can greatly enhance your game night strategies.

Monopoly Classic Irish green set

Properties Included in the Green Set

The Monopoly Classic Irish green set features prominent Dublin streets known for their high status and cost. In this edition, properties in the Green Set typically include well-known and affluent locations that mirror their importance in real life. These properties form a crucial part of any player’s strategy, providing lucrative opportunities for rent collection.

Value and Benefits of Green Set Properties

Owning the Green Set properties in the game offers significant advantages. These properties come with high rent and exceptional development potential, making them a cornerstone in a player’s quest for victory.

Strategic acquisition and development are essential game night strategies that can lead to dominating the board. However, it is also important to manage funds wisely, ensuring a balance between investment and liquidity.

Engaging in a real estate monopoly on the Green Set properties requires a thoughtful approach. Fully developing these properties with houses and hotels can exponentially increase their value, transforming your cash flow during the game.

Recognising the optimal timing for investments and being cautious of significant costs can be the difference between success and failure. Mastering these principles will not only enhance your Monopoly Classic Irish game strategy but also increase your chances of triumph.

Which of These Properties is Not in the Green Set on the Monopoly Classic Irish?

The Monopoly Classic Irish board game encompasses several properties that symbolize prominent Dublin locations but differentiates notably from the original Monopoly. Knowing which of these properties is not in the green set on the Monopoly Classic Irish is crucial for strategic play, as it influences the decision-making process when acquiring assets.

The Green Set typically includes some of the highest value properties; however, there are certain properties not in this set as per the Irish edition variations. For players aiming to utilise their monopoly money is green for the best financial outcomes, it is imperative to be aware of these distinctions.

  1. Dawson Street
  2. Westmoreland Street
  3. Capel Street

which of these properties is not in the green set on the monopoly classic irish

The table below provides a clear comparison of properties featured in the Monopoly Classic Irish board game, highlighting ones specifically not included in the Green Set.

Property Name Included in Green Set?
Dawson Street No
Westmoreland Street Yes
Capel Street Yes

Understanding which properties are part of the green set and identifying the properties not in it is valuable information. It can lead to better strategies, ensuring players make informed decisions while trading or buying properties, enhancing their gameplay experience in the Monopoly Classic Irish board game.

Strategies for Utilising the Green Set

When it comes to leveraging the Green Set in Monopoly Classic Irish, players must adopt both aggressive and judicious strategies. This requires not only acquiring properties within the set but also developing them efficiently to enhance their value. These strategies can significantly boost a player’s standing during game night.

Acquiring and Developing Green Set Properties

To successfully acquire the Green Set properties in Monopoly Classic Irish, players should focus on trades and auctions. One effective strategy involves trading lesser-valued properties for Green Set properties, creating a situation favourable for developing high-rent assets.

Additionally, bidding strategically in property auctions can enable players to gain control of essential real estate at a lower cost.

Once acquired, developing the Green Set is crucial. Building houses and eventually hotels on these properties can greatly increase their rental income. Players should monitor the game’s flow, carefully timing their developments to coincide with their opponents’ likely landings, thereby maximising their returns on investment.

monopoly classic irish

Potential Risks and Rewards

The rewards of owning and developing the Green Set in Monopoly Classic Irish are significant but involve inherent risks. High costs associated with the acquisition and development may strain a player’s finances, making them vulnerable to other players’ developments. In such cases, players might find themselves short on cash, leading to potential bankruptcy if they cannot cover their expenses.

However, implementing effective Monopoly possession strategies can mitigate these risks. Maintaining a balance between acquiring properties in Monopoly and preserving liquidity is vital. By planning property purchases, trading wisely, and monitoring opponents’ strategies, players can ensure that their investment in the Green Set leads to sustained dominance on the board.

Successful game night outcomes hinge on a deep understanding of the game’s dynamics and the ability to adapt strategies in response to evolving scenarios. Armed with these insights, players can harness the potential of the Green Set to achieve victory in Monopoly Classic Irish.


Understanding which properties are included in the Green Set of the Monopoly Classic Irish edition and which are not is crucial for players aiming to win. This knowledge ensures that you make informed decisions during the game, avoiding costly mistakes and capitalising on high-value investments. Answering questions like “is George’s street in Irish Monopoly?” can make a significant difference in your strategy and gameplay.

Combining strategic acquisition of these properties with prudent financial management can lead to a strong position on the board and possibly victory. However, this must be balanced with an awareness of the associated risks. The high investment cost of the Green Set comes with the promise of substantial rent returns, but it also necessitates careful budget management to avoid financial pitfalls.

As players navigate the board, collecting sets and building their Monopoly, it remains important to adapt strategies and make informed decisions based on the game’s progression and other players’ actions. Recognising “what Monopoly money is green” might serve as a light-hearted nod to the thematic elements of the game, but the real focus should be on leveraging every opportunity for maximum gain. Overall, the Monopoly Classic Irish board game offers an exciting experience that blends strategic depth with the cultural charm of Ireland’s capital, making each game night an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating event.


What Are the Green Properties in Monopoly?

The Green Set in Monopoly is typically among the highest valued properties on the board. In the Monopoly Classic Irish edition, the green properties include high-status Dublin streets. Similar to traditional Monopoly, this set represents prestigious and costly real estate known for substantial rent returns.

Are George’s Street and Westmoreland Street in the Monopoly Classic Irish Edition?

While Westmoreland Street is included in the Monopoly Classic Irish edition as part of the Green Set, George’s Street is not included as a green property. Streets like Rathgar Rd. and Kimmage complete the Green Set in this edition.

What Monopoly Money is Green?

In Monopoly, the denomination of money is colour-coded for easy identification. The green-coloured Monopoly money represents 0 in the traditional game. This system applies universally across different editions, including Monopoly Classic Irish.

What Are the Benefits of Owning the Green Set in Monopoly Classic Irish?

Owning the Green Set in Monopoly Classic Irish provides significant benefits due to their high value and rent potential. Developing these properties with houses and hotels can yield large returns, providing a strategic advantage and crucial income during the game.

What Are the Risks of Investing in Green Set Properties?

While the Green Set offers high returns, it also requires substantial investment. Players must carefully manage their finances to avoid bankruptcy, balancing the cost of acquiring and developing these properties with maintaining liquidity for other expenses.

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