Ulster Bank, one of the leading banking institutions in Ireland, has announced its plans to close all of its branches across the country. This decision comes in response to the changing banking habits of customers, who are increasingly embracing mobile and online banking services. Read the article about when is ulster bank closing in ireland.

This news has significant implications for individuals relying on in-person banking services and raises several questions about the future of banking in Ireland. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on the branch closure schedule and the alternative banking options available to Ulster Bank customers.

Let’s delve into the specifics and address your concerns regarding Ulster Bank’s closure in Ireland.

When is Ulster Bank Closing in Ireland?

Ulster Bank has published leaflets for each branch that is scheduled to close. These leaflets provide information on alternative ways to conduct banking locally. The branches that will be closing include:

Branch Name
King’s Road
Ormeau Road
University Road

The closure of these branches will significantly impact the communities they serve, and Ulster Bank is committed to supporting affected customers during the transition.

ulster bank branch closing details

Customer Support during the Transition

Ulster Bank understands the importance of providing assistance and guidance to customers during this period of change. The bank has allocated dedicated teams to offer support and answer any questions customers may have regarding the branch closures. Customers are encouraged to reach out to Ulster Bank’s customer service helpline or visit their local branch for further information.

Alternative Banking Options

  • Ulster Bank App: Experience the convenience of easy and secure mobile banking services by downloading the Ulster Bank App. With the app, you can perform various transactions, view account balances, and manage your finances anytime, anywhere.
  • Anytime Banking: Gain control over your financial transactions without leaving the comfort of your home. Access Ulster Bank’s Anytime Banking platform to make payments, view statements, and perform other essential banking tasks with just a few clicks.
  • Video Banking: Have a face-to-face conversation with Ulster Bank representatives from the convenience of your personal device. Utilize Video Banking for a more personalized banking experience, where you can discuss your financial needs, ask questions, and receive expert assistance.
  • Post Office: Visit your local Post Office to access certain banking services. Ulster Bank has partnered with the Post Office to ensure that you have convenient access to essential banking facilities, even in light of the branch closures.

Ulster Bank acknowledges the importance of supporting specific customer groups during this transition period. That’s why dedicated support lines have been set up to assist customers over 60 or those facing extended isolation. Our dedicated representatives are ready to provide guidance and support tailored to your needs.

ulster bank operating hours

Impact and Future Plans

The closure of Ulster Bank branches in Ireland marks the end of a longstanding relationship dating back to the 19th century. While other banks have previously withdrawn from the Irish market, Ulster Bank’s departure is significant due to its size and history.

NatWest, the parent bank of Ulster Bank, has decided to close the branches to access tied-up capital and reduce costs. The closure process will also involve staff redundancies, with some employees being absorbed by other banks.

The exact closing date for each branch will be communicated to customers through in-branch literature or letters. Ulster Bank has stated that there will be no further changes to its branch network until at least 2026.

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Key Dates for Branch Closures

Customers are eagerly awaiting information regarding the closing dates of their local Ulster Bank branches. Ulster Bank has stated that each branch will have a dedicated closure date, and this information will be provided well in advance to allow customers to make necessary arrangements. The closure dates will be communicated through various channels, including in-branch literature or letters sent directly to customers.

Branch Name Closing Date
Ballynahinch TBC
Crumlin TBC
Downpatrick TBC
Glengormley TBC
King’s Road TBC
Lisnaskea TBC
Lurgan TBC
Ormeau Road TBC
University Road TBC
Waterside TBC

Ulster Bank is aware of the significant impact these closures will have on the communities affected. The bank is committed to providing support and guidance to customers throughout the transition period and ensuring minimal disruption to their banking services.


The closure of Ulster Bank branches in Ireland highlights the evolving nature of banking, driven by the increasing demand for digital services. While this decision may pose challenges for customers who rely on in-person banking, Ulster Bank is fully committed to providing support throughout the transition process.

Customers are encouraged to explore the various alternative banking options, including mobile banking, online banking, and video banking. These convenient options offer flexibility and accessibility, allowing customers to manage their finances securely and conveniently from anywhere.

During the closure process, there will be staff redundancies, and certain accounts will be transferred to other banks. Ulster Bank aims to provide customers with 12 weeks’ notice regarding branch closures to ensure a smooth transition. Furthermore, the bank will continue to communicate any updates and provide ongoing support to customers affected by these changes.

While Ulster Bank’s closure may bring an end to its physical presence, the bank remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Embracing technological advancements, Ulster Bank aims to provide secure and innovative banking solutions that align with the digital landscape, ensuring the continued provision of essential financial services to its valued customers.


When will Ulster Bank close its branches in Ireland?

Ulster Bank plans to begin the closure process in mid-April 2024.

Why is Ulster Bank closing its branches in Ireland?

The closure is a result of changes in banking habits, with more customers opting for mobile and online banking services. NatWest, the parent bank of Ulster Bank, has decided to close the branches to access tied-up capital and reduce costs.

What bank is taking over Ulster Bank in Ireland?

There is currently no information available about a specific bank taking over Ulster Bank’s operations in Ireland.

Will there be any further changes to Ulster Bank’s branch network in the future?

Ulster Bank has stated that there will be no further changes to its branch network until at least 2026.

How will the closure of Ulster Bank branches impact customers?

The closure will impact customers who rely on in-person banking services, but Ulster Bank is committed to supporting them through the transition.

How will Ulster Bank communicate updates and support regarding the branch closures?

Ulster Bank aims to provide 12 weeks’ notice to customers regarding branch closures and will continue to communicate updates and support throughout the process.
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