Transferring money from Allied Irish Banks (AIB) to Revolut has become a routine financial task for many individuals. This guide provides comprehensive instructions on how to transfer money online from AIB to Revolut securely and swiftly. Explore the article about how to transfer money from aib to revolut?

Following these steps will ensure that you can perform the transfer with confidence, leveraging the convenience and innovation offered by both financial institutions.

Understanding how to send money from your bank account to Revolut is crucial for a smooth transaction. This guide will cover the essentials to help you transfer money online from AIB to Revolut efficiently.

Understanding AIB and Revolut

To seamlessly navigate the AIB Revolut transfer process, it’s essential to first understand the services and functionalities offered by both financial institutions. This understanding lays the groundwork for a smooth transfer experience, enhancing usability and efficiency.

Overview of AIB

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is a prominent financial institution in Ireland, providing a wide array of banking services. AIB’s Phone Banking service is accessible by dialling 0818 724 724, or +353 1 771 24 24 if calling from outside Ireland. Customers can conduct money transfers from AIB by following the prompts after entering their security details.

Bear in mind, transfers can only occur to Republic of Ireland (ROI) accounts or to pre-existing billers set up via Internet or Tablet Banking, or through AIB Customer Service assistance.

Overview of Revolut

Revolut is renowned for its innovative financial solutions, providing users with versatile account features. By using the Revolut app, customers can manage their finances with ease, enjoying benefits such as low-cost international transfers, budgeting tools, and investment options.

Understanding these functionalities can greatly aid the aib to revolut money transfer guide and simplify the overall process.

AIB Revolut transfer process

Incorporating this knowledge, customers are better equipped to handle the AIB Revolut transfer process confidently, ensuring a seamless and effective financial transaction experience.

Preparing for the Transfer

Before initiating a transfer, it is essential to ensure that both your AIB and Revolut accounts are appropriately prepared and set up. This preparation involves a few crucial steps to confirm that your accounts are ready to handle the transfer process efficiently.

Check Your AIB Account

First and foremost, verify that your AIB account is ready for the transaction. This includes checking that all necessary billing information for a domestic ROI account or previously established billers is present and correct.

Knowing exactly *how to transfer money from AIB bank* is crucial, so having your account details in order will streamline the process.

Set Up Your Revolut Account

Next, ensure that your Revolut account is set up correctly. Whether you are using a Main, Joint, or Pro account, or if you’re creating a new one via the Revolut app, make sure you have all the relevant bank details ready for the transfer. Figuring out *how do I add money to Revolut* will save you time and effort, ensuring a seamless setup.

how to transfer money from aib bank? how do i add money to revolut?

Task Action Required Notes
Check AIB Account Verify billing information Ensure details are correct for transaction
Set Up Revolut Account Choose account type Prepare relevant bank details
Transfer Preparation Check both accounts Ready accounts for money transfer

With these preparatory steps clearly understood and executed, you will be better equipped to know *how to transfer money from AIB bank* and *how to add money to Revolut* when the actual process begins. This foundation is key to ensuring the transfer is smooth and successful.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer Money from AIB to Revolut

Transferring money from AIB to Revolut can initially seem daunting but adhering to the following steps will streamline the process and ensure a smooth transaction. Leveraging AIB’s Phone Banking service, users can secure their transfer efficiently.

sending money from aib to revolut

Access AIB Phone Banking

To initiate the transfer, begin by accessing AIB’s Phone Banking service. Dial the appropriate number provided by AIB – 0818 724 724 (or +353 1 771 24 24 if calling from outside Ireland). After you’ve dialed in, follow the security verification procedures to authenticate your identity.

Follow the Prompts for Money Transfer

Once the security credentials are verified, select the option to transfer money. Follow the audible prompts carefully for sending money from AIB to Revolut. You will be guided step-by-step through the process, ensuring all necessary details are correctly entered.

This easy-to-follow interactive system helps mitigate errors while facilitating an effective transfer.

  • Dial AIB Phone Banking
  • Complete security verification
  • Select the money transfer option
  • Follow audible prompts

Finally, always double-check the entered information to ensure accuracy, removing any potential for errors that could delay your transaction. For additional convenience, understanding how to add AIB debit card to Revolut can provide alternative ways to top up your account.

Adding Your AIB Debit Card to Revolut

Integrating an AIB debit card with a Revolut account is a seamless way to manage funds between these financial platforms. This approach offers an alternative to traditional bank transfers, allowing direct deposits from an AIB debit card into your Revolut account.

To ensure users can navigate this process with ease, the following steps provide detailed guidance.

Steps to Add AIB Debit Card to Revolut

First, open the Revolut app and navigate to the ‘Home’ section. From here, select ‘Accounts’ and proceed to the ‘Details’ option. This section allows you to add a new card—simply input your AIB debit card details as prompted. By following these instructions, you can seamlessly fund your Revolut account using your AIB debit card.

It’s important to note the best practices for AIB to Revolut transfers. For instance, ensuring your AIB account has sufficient funds before initiating the transfer can prevent any inconveniences. Additionally, Revolut does not charge any fees for receiving transfers; however, intermediary banks may impose certain fees.

This setup also imposes no limits on the transfer amounts, enhancing flexibility for the users.

These practical tips ensure a smoother experience when transferring funds between AIB and Revolut. By understanding and applying these steps, users can efficiently manage their finances, making the most of both platforms’ features.

Keep these guidelines in mind to optimise the money transfer process and enhance financial transactions between AIB and Revolut.


How do I transfer money from AIB bank?

You can transfer money using AIB’s Phone Banking service, Internet Banking, or Tablet Banking. For Phone Banking, call the designated number, validate your security details, and follow the instructions to transfer the desired amount.

How do I add my AIB debit card to Revolut?

To add your AIB debit card to Revolut, open the Revolut app and navigate to the ‘Home’ section. Then select ‘Accounts’ and use the ‘Details’ option to input your AIB debit card information. This will allow you to fund your Revolut account directly.

What is the AIB to Revolut money transfer process?

The AIB to Revolut money transfer process involves using AIB’s Phone Banking service to initiate the transfer. Validate your security credentials, choose the money transfer option, and follow the instructions. Ensure you have the necessary Revolut account details for the transfer.

What should I check before transferring money from AIB to Revolut?

Before transferring money, ensure your AIB account is prepared for the transaction, and all necessary billing information is correct. Confirm that your Revolut account is set up and have the relevant bank details ready.

Are there any fees associated with transferring money from AIB to Revolut?

Revolut does not charge any fees for receiving transfers. However, intermediary banks might impose certain fees. Always check with AIB and any intermediary banks for potential charges.

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