Co Wexford offers a variety of houses for sale with stunning sea views and beach access. These properties provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy serene coastal living and breathtaking ocean vistas. Explore the available property listings in Co Wexford to find your dream coastal home.

When it comes to coastal homes for sale in Ireland, Co Wexford is a hidden gem. With its picturesque coastline and beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder that property listings in Co Wexford are in high demand. From charming cottages to modern villas, there is a wide range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and stepping out onto your own private beach. With houses for sale with sea view beach access in Co Wexford, this dream can become a reality. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, Co Wexford has something for everyone.

If you’re considering a move to Co Wexford, now is the perfect time to start exploring the available property listings. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful beachside retreat or a stylish townhouse in the heart of Wexford Town, there is a property waiting for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of paradise. Start your search for houses for sale with sea view beach access in Co Wexford and make your coastal living dream a reality.

Houses for Sale With Sea View Beach Access in Co Wexford- Serene Coastal Living

The highly sought after village of Curracloe in Co Wexford offers a delightful combination of local amenities and natural beauty. Nestled in this picturesque village is Curracloe’s famous ‘Blue Flag’ Beach, an exquisite 10-mile expanse of untouched sands stretching from The Raven Point to Ballyconnigar Head.

This stunning beach attracts beachcombers and water enthusiasts from far and wide, beckoning them with its pristine beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re strolling along the shoreline, exploring the dunes, or taking a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, Curracloe’s Blue Flag Beach provides the perfect setting for coastal living and seaside relaxation.

Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Co Wexford, Curracloe offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, breathe in the fresh sea air, and enjoy the tranquility of coastal living.

blue flag beach

Whether you’re a beachcomber searching for hidden treasures, an avid swimmer diving into the refreshing waves, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the ocean, Curracloe is the ideal destination for water enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors.

Peaceful Beachside Retreat in Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour is a popular holiday resort area in Co Wexford, known for its beautiful beaches and tranquil surroundings. Located in the southeastern part of Ireland, Rosslare Harbour offers a serene coastal escape for those seeking a peaceful beachside retreat. With its picturesque landscapes and charming atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Rosslare Harbour has become a sought-after destination for holidaymakers and homeowners alike.

One of the notable features of Rosslare Harbour is St. Helen’s, a prominent residential area known for its stunning coastal homes and expansive beach access. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, the houses for sale in St. Helen’s are ideal for those seeking an extended family getaway.

“St. Helen’s offers a range of spacious properties that provide ample space for gatherings and celebrations, making it the perfect choice for a large extended family,” says John Anderson, a local real estate agent.

“These beachside homes offer a tranquil and idyllic setting, allowing residents to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.”

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, strolling along the sandy beaches, and experiencing breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your own home. The properties in St. Helen’s offer all of this and more, providing a truly immersive beachside escape.

Whether you’re a water enthusiast looking to indulge in various seaside activities or simply want to relax in the tranquility of the coastal environment, Rosslare Harbour and St. Helen’s have plenty to offer. From exploring the nearby nature trails to enjoying leisurely walks along the beach, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this area.

So, if you’re looking for a peaceful beachside retreat for your extended family, consider Rosslare Harbour and explore the range of houses for sale in St. Helen’s. Embrace the coastal lifestyle and create lasting memories in this idyllic corner of Co Wexford.

Why Choose Rosslare Harbour for Your Beachside Escape?

  • Breathtaking beaches: Rosslare Harbour boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Co Wexford, offering a scenic backdrop for residents and visitors.
  • Tranquil surroundings: The peaceful ambiance of Rosslare Harbour creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Close-knit community: The community in Rosslare Harbour is known for its warmth and friendliness, creating a welcoming environment for residents.
  • Convenient amenities: Despite its peaceful setting, Rosslare Harbour offers easy access to essential amenities, including shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities.
  • Proximity to attractions: From historic sites to golf courses, there’s no shortage of attractions and activities to enjoy in and around Rosslare Harbour.

With its stunning beaches, tranquil surroundings, and range of housing options, Rosslare Harbour is the perfect place to escape to for a peaceful beachside retreat. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence, the properties in St. Helen’s offer the ideal setting for you and your extended family.

Coastal Elegance in Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford

The seaside village of Kilmuckridge is a hidden gem located in the heart of Co Wexford’s breathtaking coastline. Nestled between stunning sandy beaches and picturesque rolling hills, Kilmuckridge offers a tranquil setting for those seeking a coastal retreat.


Amidst this charming village, you will find Clover House, a truly remarkable property that embodies coastal elegance at its finest. Originally built as a showhouse in the early 2000s, Clover House seamlessly combines refined decor, meticulous attention to detail, and spacious living areas.

With a generous 117 sq.m. of stylish living space, Clover House provides a comfortable and harmonious environment for modern living. The interior design showcases a perfect balance between contemporary elements and timeless coastal charm, creating an inviting ambiance throughout.

Stylish Living Spaces

Floor Area (sq.m.) Description
Ground 52 The spacious open-plan living and dining area is flooded with natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining.
First 65 The first floor houses three well-appointed bedrooms, each boasting ample storage space and offering a peaceful sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Every corner of this meticulously designed property exudes a sense of warmth and tranquility. From the choice of premium materials and finishes to the thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures, Clover House showcases the epitome of coastal elegance.

“Clover House truly captures the essence of coastal living.

Its inviting atmosphere and exquisite attention to detail create a sense of serenity that is simply unparalleled.” – Coastal Living Magazine

Furthermore, the meticulously landscaped garden surrounding Clover House provides a private outdoor retreat, allowing residents to fully embrace the coastal lifestyle. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee on the patio or savoring the sunset with friends and family, the outdoor space complements the interior, creating a seamless connection to nature.

Clover House is conveniently located in close proximity to local amenities including shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities. Moreover, the renowned sandy beaches of Kilmuckridge are just a short stroll away, offering endless opportunities for coastal walks and water activities.

If you’re seeking a harmonious blend of coastal elegance and a relaxed lifestyle, Clover House in Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford is the perfect choice. Embrace the beauty of the Irish coast and immerse yourself in the serenity of this stunning property.

Convenient Townhouse Living in Wexford Town

Wexford Town Centre is an ideal location for those seeking the convenience of townhouse living in a vibrant setting. This thriving area offers a wide range of amenities, making it a popular choice for both residents and visitors. One standout property in this area is No. 1 The Pillar on King Street.

Being centrally located, this end of terrace townhouse provides easy access to all imaginable conveniences. With shops, restaurants, cafes, and more within walking distance, residents can enjoy a convenient lifestyle without the need for a car. Everything you need is right on your doorstep.

end of terrace townhouse

The mature development in which No. 1 The Pillar is situated offers a peaceful and tranquil setting. Tucked away in a quiet courtyard, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the town center and relax in your own private retreat. The development is well-maintained and exudes a mature charm, with beautiful green spaces and a sense of community.

Property Overview

No. 1 The Pillar is a delightful townhouse that offers comfortable living with its two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property has been well-maintained and boasts a stylish interior.

Living in Wexford Town Centre means never having to compromise on convenience or comfort.

The end of terrace townhouse at No. 1 The Pillar in this mature development combines the best of both worlds, offering easy access to amenities while providing a peaceful retreat in a beautiful setting.

Key Features

  • End of terrace townhouse in a mature courtyard
  • Two bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • Walking distance to shops, restaurants, and amenities
  • Well-maintained and peaceful development

Location and Amenities

Wexford Town Centre is home to a wide range of amenities that cater to all your needs. From grocery stores and pharmacies to trendy boutiques and gourmet restaurants, you’ll find everything you need within walking distance.

The town center is also known for its vibrant cultural scene, with theaters, museums, and art galleries that offer a rich and diverse program of events. There’s always something happening in Wexford Town.

When it comes to outdoor activities, Wexford Town Centre doesn’t disappoint. The beautiful beaches of Wexford’s coastline are just a short drive away, providing ample opportunities for swimming, surfing, and enjoying the fresh sea air.

Property Price Bedrooms Bathrooms
No. 1 The Pillar £250,000 2 2

Idyllic Countryside Setting in Ferns, Co Wexford

The countryside setting of Ferns in Co Wexford offers an idyllic backdrop for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Nestled in this serene locale is Carrigrue Cottage, a charming property that combines architectural design with cozy comfort. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, Carrigrue Cottage provides ample space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Surrounded by natural beauty, this cottage sits on a glorious site extending to approximately 0.98 acres. The expansive grounds offer plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and soak in the peaceful atmosphere. Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee on the porch or strolling through the picturesque gardens, you can’t help but be captivated by the beauty of the countryside.

One of the highlights of Carrigrue Cottage is the breathtaking views it provides. Nestled in the foothills of the mountain range, the cottage offers stunning vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, with rolling green hills and majestic mountains painting a picture-perfect backdrop.

“Carrigrue Cottage is a hidden gem in the heart of Ferns.

The peaceful countryside setting and mountain range views make it a true haven for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.”

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a holiday retreat, Carrigrue Cottage offers the perfect escape. The serene countryside setting, coupled with mountain range views, creates an ambiance that is truly unmatched. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the idyllic charm of Ferns and make Carrigrue Cottage your own.

Coastal Bliss in Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford

Kilmore Quay in Co Wexford is a highly desirable coastal location in the South East. It offers a perfect blend of tranquil surroundings and picturesque landscapes that captivate the hearts of many. Tigin Mara, a charming thatched roof cottage nestled in the heart of Kilmore Village, provides the ideal setting for coastal bliss.

With its traditional architecture and quaint features, Tigin Mara embraces the essence of traditional Irish living. This charming cottage offers a unique and inviting atmosphere, making it a truly special place to call home.

Residents of Tigin Mara can enjoy the convenience of holiday resort living while embracing the comforts of a residential property. The cottage’s proximity to the beach allows for easy access to the stunning coastline and its breathtaking views. Whether you are a nature lover, water sports enthusiast, or simply enjoy leisurely beach walks, Kilmore Quay offers an array of activities to suit all interests.

“Tigin Mara combines the tranquillity of coastal living with the convenience of modern amenities. It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind, and create cherished memories with family and friends.”

Not only does Kilmore Quay offer a perfect coastal setting, but it also boasts a range of amenities to cater to residents’ needs. From quaint cafes and fine dining establishments to local shops and boutiques, you’ll find everything you need within reach.

Local Attractions and Activities

  • Enjoy fresh seafood at one of Kilmore Quay’s renowned seafood restaurants
  • Embark on a fishing expedition or take a sailing trip to explore the stunning coastline
  • Visit the Saltee Islands, a bird sanctuary and an idyllic spot for nature enthusiasts
  • Take a stroll along the picturesque marina and soak in the vibrant atmosphere

Whether you’re seeking a permanent residence or a holiday home, Tigin Mara offers an idyllic retreat in a prime coastal location. Embrace the charm and allure of Kilmore Quay while experiencing the ultimate coastal living experience.

Property Features Property Details
Thatched Roof Authentic traditional Irish architecture
Bedrooms 2 spacious bedrooms providing ample accommodation
Bathrooms 1 bathroom equipped with modern fixtures and fittings
Garden A charming garden space to relax and enjoy outdoor living


Co Wexford offers a wide range of houses for sale with sea view beach access, allowing residents to embrace the beauty of the picturesque coastline. The real estate market in Co Wexford is diverse, catering to various preferences and budgets. The average house price in Wexford can vary depending on factors such as location and property type. Whether you are searching for a coastal home or a holiday retreat, Co Wexford presents a plethora of options to explore and find your dream property in this stunning coastal region.

With its breathtaking sea views and beach access, Co Wexford is an ideal destination for those seeking a serene coastal lifestyle. The properties available in this region provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the Irish coastline. From charming cottages to elegant townhouses, there is a wide range of real estate options to suit every taste and budget in Co Wexford.

When considering the average house price in Wexford, it is important to note that location and property type can significantly influence the cost. Whether you are looking for a sprawling beachfront mansion or a cozy seaside cottage, Co Wexford offers a diverse range of properties at various price points. Take the time to explore the available listings and discover the perfect home that meets your requirements and budget in this remarkable coastal region of Ireland.


What is the average house price in Wexford?

The average house price in Wexford varies depending on factors such as location and property type.

How much living space does Clover House in Kilmuckridge offer?

Clover House in Kilmuckridge offers a generous 117 sq.m. of stylish living space.

Are the properties in Wexford Town Centre located close to amenities?

Yes, the properties in Wexford Town Centre, such as No. 1 The Pillar on King Street, are within walking distance of all imaginable amenities, including shops and restaurants.

What can I expect from a holiday resort area like Rosslare Harbour in Co Wexford?

Rosslare Harbour is known for its beautiful beaches and tranquil surroundings, making it an ideal destination for a peaceful beachside retreat.

Are there properties available for large extended families in St. Helen’s, Rosslare Harbour?

Yes, St. Helen’s in Rosslare Harbour offers a range of houses for sale that are perfect for large extended families seeking a peaceful beachside escape.
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